The team of lecturers has been composed of Principal Investigators and Scientists from leading universities and research institutions.

Prof.  Vanda Brotas University of Lisbon
Dr. Bertrand Chapron IFREMER
Dr. Fabrice Collard OceanDataLab
Dr. Gary Corlett University of Leicester
Assoc. Prof.  Jose C.B. da Silva University of Porto
Dr. Craig Donlon ESA
Asst. Prof.   Joana Fernandes University of Porto
Dr. Lucile Gaultier OceanDataLab
Dr. Sylvain Herledan OceanDataLab
Prof. Johnny Johannessen NERSC
Dr. Nicolas Reul IFREMER
Dr. Maire-Helen Rio CLS
Ms. Vinca Rosmorduc CLS
Assoc. Prof.  Jamie Shutler University of Exeter
Dr. Helen Snaith Southampton Oceanography Centre
Ms. Kerstin Stelzer Brockmann Consult GmbH